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  • The Gillio 2024 Limited Edition was entirely inspired by love. More specifically by the love we have for our Gillionaires, who have supported us over 10 years already by spreading their love for our products.

    Many other loves and passions are shared by our community, and for this year we picked one: the love of cats. As Dickens said: what greater love than the love of a cat?

    In honour of our Gillionaires, their furry companions and all our shared passions, we are honoured to introduce the Gillio 2024 Limited Edition: the Cat Collection.

    These planners are all made out of a special ordered batch of Toscana leather just for this collection! 

    Introducing the three cats that inspired our collection:

    Tuxedo - classy black and cream

    Ginger - invigorating orange and yellow

    Sfinx - mysterious grey and undyed


    The Appunto A6, designed in colleboration with our client Theresa Hall, is a luxurious book cover for all A6 books: note books, sketch books, watercolour books, novels, day planners etcetera. It will keep your memories safe while protecting your book in a strong leather cover, while the numerous pockets allow you to store business cards, cash, or other paraphernalia. 

    The Appunto will become your favourite companion on the go: organised in style, with a leather cover that will become more shiny and irresistible while the leather ages on your life's adventures. Use it to cover a blank book on a trip: start a journal, write song lyrics, go sit on a mountain top and sketch the view. On the way home, use it to cover the novel you're reading, and add a small notebook for your thoughts. Buy one to keep your day planner in, or your study book. The possibilities are endless!

  • Fits all true A6 books. 

    Dimensions: 11,5 x 16,8 cm

    Left: secretarial pocket, credit card pockets, larger pockets.

    Right: zipped pocket, secretarial pocket.

Gillio is compatible with other brands! Model/colors request
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