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NEW COLOUR COMBO: Epoca Grey & Epoca Yellow!

15 April 2019
Grey Yellow group IG-1

Did you catch our live broadcast on Facebook? We announced a brand new colour release: the bi-colour combination EPOCA GREY & EPOCA YELLOW!

This classy combination is the perfect match for springtime: soft misty grey on the outside and a beautiful ray of sunshine on the inside. Perfect for your Easter planning!

As we always try to diversify between models when we release new colours or colour combinations, this time we have great news for the traveler's notebook lovers!

This new combination will be released in

  • Giramondo XS (272/02) 
  • Giramondo S (273/02)
  • Giramondo XL (274/02)
  • Compagna A5 (238/02)

These beauties will be available as of Tuesday, April 16th, 2PM CEST!

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