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NEW COLOUR: Pistacchio Epoca!

09 march 2020
  • IG pistacchio epoca
IG pistacchio epoca

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

Did you see our amazing live this afternoon?

We announced a brand new epoca colour, something that had been missing for a while after the release of our pastel crocos and printed ostriches last year: PISTACCHIO EPOCA!

This is a stunning pastel light green colour, super soft and pliable to the touch, ready to be loved!

We have an amazing launch for you tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10th) at 2PM CET: no less than 10 MODELS are available! And: both the first quality items AND the premium good deals will be for sale!

223/08 - pocket Mia Cara

229/08 - mini Mia Cara

223/15 - pocket Compagna XL

280/02 - A6 Appunto

281/02 - A5 Appunto

282/02 - slim Appunto

283/02 - B6 Appunto

224/02 - medium Compagna

224/03 - medium Compagna XL

231/02 - A6 Compagna

Which one is your favourite? We wish you all happy shopping tomorrow!

Want to see all Gillio green shades together? Here's a comparison picture:

From left to right: Epoca Olive, Epoca Acid Green, Epoca Green, Croco Pistacchio, Epoca Pistacchio.

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