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NEW DESIGN: pocket Compagnas!

07 march 2018
  • 223 14 822 IG-1
223 14 822 IG-1

Finally, they're here! 

- - - - - P O C K E T  C O M P A G N A S  - - - - - 

After a long, long wait, a redesign, prototypes and production,

we are proud and happy to announce the restock of our beloved pocket Compagnas

AND a release of 5 new colours!

We redesigned the pocket Compagna to incorporate your suggestions:

  • a wider body to accomodate inserts with tabs AND the included pen without interference;
  • the zipped pocket permanently on the right zide
  • an added protective piece of leather covering the zipperhead, to make sute the zipper does not damage your inserts or tabs.

This little 'pocket companion' is the perfect wallet/planner combination, with its back pocket for cash and zipped picket for coins, plus several credit card slots. Perfect for your smaller purses, travel or just on-the-go.

This morning, we restocked 7 colours:

(as always, if you signed up for email notifications you will have received them earlier today)

  • Epoca red (770)
  • Epoca yellow (771)
  • Epoca acid green (820)
  • Epoca yale blue (822)
  • Epoca black/orange (775/777)
  • Epoca grey/orange (804/777)
  • Epoca grey/pink (804/812)

At 3 PM CET, we also released 5 brand new colours:

  • Epoca rust (773)
  • Epoca olive green (827)
  • Epoca royal blue (828)
  • Croco Eye purple (833)
  • Croco Eye red (834)

Those twelve colours are a broad selection of finishes, colours and styles to suit everyones need. We will of course continue to expand this selection with more colours and styles when leather becomes available!

Get yours in your favourite colour today!

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