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04 September 2018
  • Croco rosewood mat
Croco rosewood mat

Over the last couple of years, our Aubergine Croco leather has appeared in many different shades. Because of our natural, vegetable tanning process, each batch is different (with all of our leathers) and no two batches are ever completely the same.

Because of the many questions we received about the Aubergine croco (we have people preferring this darker batch, and some preferring the lighter older batch) we are going to have the two colours co-exist.

This batch, the darker shade, will change name to Croco Matte ROSEWOOD (new colourcode 453). Good news for the lovers of the lighter shade: we will bring back the light Croco Matte Aubergine (colourcode 457) in 2019! We have ordered it at the tannerie, but as you know, the colouring process takes several months so it'll be a little wait :)

If you have registered for any item in the dark shade (now called Rosewood) - it has been released in Appunto A6, Appunto A5, and Pocket Compagna - please re-register your email address on the item under the newly named Rosewood shade!

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