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New releases - Tuesday, May 16th, 11 AM CET!

15 May 2017
IG release 16 mei

The Gillio artisans are busy at work preparing more restock in all your most desired sizes - we know patience is a difficult virtue - but today, we already have a few new releases to present to you!

These items are all brand new and will be available as of tomorrow (Tuesday May 16th) at 11 AM CET.

1) Royal Blue & Olive Green

These two latest additions to the Gillio colour range have been a great success, and the demand for more items in these colours keeps growing. Today we'd like to present you 4 new items in both colours:

- Giramondo Extra Small (272/02)

- Giramondo Small (273/02)

- Giramondo Extra Large (274/02)

- Appunto Slim (282/02)

These four models will be available in both the Royal Blue (828) and the Olive Green (827)!

2) Special bi-colour Giramondo

On popular demand, we had asked for more stock of the Giramondo (275/02) in epoca purple-cream (805/819).

When those boxes arrived at our warehouse we made a funny discovery: they had been produced with the cream on the edges, instead of the purple like they normally are.

What can we say - human production means human errors! As these items turned out stunningly beautiful, we decided to keep them.

So there will be a small amount of this 'one-off' production of Giramondos in bicolour purple-cream with 'limited production' cream edges available! The price remains the same as the regular ones. Get them before they sell out!

This item has a special reference: 275/02 805-819B

Please note that if you registered for this item (the 'normal' version) you will NOT be notified by mail of a restock as this is a 'new' item with another reference!

3) More colours for Appunto Slim and A6 Mia Cara

For the fans of the Appunto Slim and the A6 Mia Cara, several new colours will be added to the range:

Appunto Slim (282/02): rust (773), burgundy (776), cream (819), croco shiny purple (833)

A6 Mia Cara (231/08): rust (773) and burgundy (776)

We also have two new bi-colour Appunto Slims, one of which came from our poll on Facebook: green - red (778-770) and royal blue - gold (828-774)!

All of these items will be available on Tuesday, May 16th, from 11 AM CET.

Happy shopping!

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