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Now live: the new releases!

06 November 2017
  • be prepaired IG
be prepaired IG

Unless you're new to Gillio from, say, earlier today - you know that we've had our Big Reveal at PlannerCon Europe last Saturday. All the new items that have been announced there are available AS OF NOW!

1. The new colours in the Shiny Croco Eye leather: Red (), Blue () and Grey ().

Three new magnificant colours are added to the Shiny Croco Eye collection. After the enourmous success of the Purple, we've added Red, Blue and Grey to the line-up. Will you choose a festive red one for the upcoming holiday season, a mysterious blue for housing your personal journal, or a lushious taupe-like grey for a sophisticated meeting at work? One of each? One colour, multiple sizes? The choice is yours!

2. Undyed epoca leather (ref. 829)

For the lovers of 100% natural, untreated leather, we have created the undyed epoca leather. A gorgeous, natural tan leather that will age gracefully with you. It will tell your story - not only on the inside of your planner, but also on the outside! The undyed epoca, dubbed 'raw epoca' by our customer Theresa, is a leather for those who appreciate and cherish the natural leather variations in all its purety. The leather is extremely prone to being handled and will develop a patina as of the first day you use it. Natural markings such as stretch marks, imperfections, natural blemishes and scars will show through in each and every piece made out of this leather. It's 100% natural - no make-up! - and shows once again how each hide is unique.

3. Krause rings!

As of 2PM CET on Monday, November 6th, your new ringbound planner will be fitted with Krause rings - on all sizes except for the Slim Compagna. Krause rings are famous for being the highest quality rings available on the market today. We'll be adding more sizes to the line-up later on. You can choose silver or gold during your order, and the additional cost of the more expensive Krause rings will not be charged to you - Gillio is taking that cost on them. They will also be for sale in our webshop seperately, if you want to buy some for your other planners!

Please note - the warranty on your previously bought planners still stands as it was. This means, if you experience ring gaps or any other ring issue on a planner bought before November 6th, 2PM CET - you will still get the standard Gillio rings sent to you as a free replacement. Planners purchased after this date will receive Krause rings as a replacement if they experience issues with their Krause rings.

4. Appunto in B6 (ref. 283/02)

You asked - you received: we created an Appunto in B6 size. Many of our customers have fallen in love with the Japanese B6 size planners, and were desperate for a gorgeous Gillio leather cover for it. So we created the Appunto B6, which Theresa presented at PlannerCon Europe. The perfect middle size between the A6 and the A5 - portable and practical. 

As announced in Thursday's post, here are all items available as of now: 

  • Pocket Mia Cara (ref. 223/08) in colours 829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • Medium Mia Cara (ref. 224/08) in colours  829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • A5 Mia Cara (ref. 238/08) in colours 829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • Medium Compagna (ref. 224/02) in colours 829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • A6 Appunto (ref. 280/02) in colours 829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • A5 Appunto (ref. 281/02) in colours 829 + 832 + 834 + 835
  • Slim Appunto (ref. 282/02) in colours 832 + 834 + 835
  • EXTRA (not announced at PlannerCon!): A6 Compagna (ref. 231/02) in colours 832 + 834 + 835

The B6 Appunto (ref. 283/02) is available in epoca red (770) + yellow (771) + rust (773) + gold (774) + black (775)

Happy shopping!

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