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224/02PGD BI-772-771
Selected type of leather: Bicolor- & Printed calfleather
Selected colour: 772-771 EPOCA D BROWN-YELLOW
  • 034 - OSTRICH PRINT BLUE Promo%
  • 775-770 EPOCA BLACK-RED Promo%
  • 775-777 EPOCA BLACK-ORANGE Promo%
  • 457 - CROCO AUBERGINE MAT Promo%
  • 804-812 EPOCA GREY-PINK Promo%
  • 771-772 YELLOW - D BROWN Promo%
  • 772-771 EPOCA D BROWN-YELLOW Promo%
  • 828-774 EPOCA ROYAL BLUE-GOLD Promo%
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    • luxurious, complete, handmade Italian leather organizer
    • several different pockets and a large back pocket for paper
    • free pen worth € 70
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