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PlannerCon releases: Tuesday March 28th, 10 AM CET!

27 march 2017
  • Appunto Slim collage
Appunto Slim collage


PART TWO: Wednesday, March 29th, 11 AM CET!


We worked hard, and we listened to your requests last week of getting the new PlannerCon releases out as soon as humanly possible, so we are happy to announce that we have completed the quality control and preparations of all new models and we can release them on Tuesday, March 28th 2017, at 10 AM CET!

What will be released?

- The Mini Mia Cara in red (770), dark brown (772), gold (774), black (775) and orange (777)

- The A6 Mia Cara in red (770), dark brown (772), gold (774), and black (775)

- The Appunto Slim in red (770), dark brown (772), gold (774), black (775) and orange (777)

The products will be live on our website at 10 AM CET (complete with prices, pictures and product descriptions).

Don't forget to order a set of inserts if the Mini or the A6 is a new size for you!

As always, the planners each come with a free Classico ballpoint pen in a colour of your choice.

May we respectfully remind you that we can not (!) make changes to incoming orders. If you enter wrong information (address, name etc) or if you change your mind about the colour, the size, the type of pen etc, you will have to cancel your order and order again. Please make sure you enter everything correctly.

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