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PRESS RELEASE ::: Gillio leathers awarded with ’Certificato di Garanzia’

08 August 2014

PRESS RELEASE 08/08/2014 :::


Gillio leathers awarded with 'Certificato di Garanzia'! Gillio is proud to announce that as of today, all Gillio products are officially labeled with the'Certificato de Garanzia - pelle conciata al vegetale in Toscana' label: guaranteed vegetable tanned Tuscan leathers. Gillio earned this label after meeting the most stringent requirements for authenticity of leather processing, imposed by the strict specifications of the Consortium, an independent organization that carries out regular (unannounced) spot checks on quality and production.


Every leather product will come, from today on, with its own certificate and serial number. It is common knowledge that Gillio only produces naturally treated, high quality products, but the certificate adds the extra guarantee for customers that they are indeed receiving a 100% natural, vegetable tanned Tuscan leather.


As with all natural products, vegetable tanned leathers are unique, and subject to color, texture and surface differences - every animal is unique, just as every person is. You will never find two identical products in the Gillio collection: instead of offering perfectly (artificially) smoothened, thirteen-in-a-dozen products, Gillio firmly believes in creating unique pieces of true craftsmanship that will grow even more beautiful with age - true heirlooms.


Gillio products distinguish themselves by their uniqueness: a batch of leather can be pebbly or smooth, or a little of both - one hide can be more receptive to the natural dying process than the one before... The natural variations (creases, imperfections, scars, variations in the colour or the grain) in the leathers are inherent to the Gillio products - they were in the past and will remain as such in the future collections.


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