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Prices go up in January 2019, shop before the new year at the lower prices!

05 october 2018
  • croco shiny IG
croco shiny IG

On the 7th of January 2019, prices of Gillio leather goods will increase with 3%. We will adjust our prices in accordance with the increase in both labour costs and leather costs.

Prices of our top-quality epoca leathers have increased with about 6% in the last year, mostly due to the decreased supply of good leathers, as there is a general decrease in meat consumption. As you know, our leathers are a byproduct of the meat industry (we do not source leather from cows produced solely for the leather!).

As the meat consumption decreases, the prices of the leather hides go up. Labour costs have risen with 5%, and transport costs have risen with 2%. To make it feasible for us to continue creating the best possible leather goods, in quality and craftsmanship, we must increase our prices.

Enjoy the current prices until January 6th 2019, as we will increase them on January 7th 2019. Take advantage during the holiday season to spoil yourself with the 'cheaper priced' items under the Christmas tree!

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