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Privacy policy

1) Customer data won't be given or sold to third parties and will only be used by IIC BVBA / GILLIO
2) Customer data can and will only be used to inform about promotions/actions from IIC BVBA / GILLIO on a regular basis.
3) Following information will be collected and stored in our database:
- name
- address
- email
- which items were bought along with the purchase date
- for which items the client has subscribed to receive a restock notification by email.
4) None of the customer data will be used by or made available to any company outside the European union.
5) Customer data will be stored for 10 years.
6) Any customer always has the option to unsubscribe from mailings and/or have his or her data removed from our database.

Last update privacy statement: May 25th 2018


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