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Release: Slim Compagnas & Giramondos!

09 January 2018
  • Slim Giramondo HP-1-2
Slim Giramondo HP-1-2

Happy New Year, Gillionaires!

We're excited to kick off this first working week of the year with a brand new release for all of you.

When we released the Undyed Epoca and the 3 Croco Eye colours at PlannerCon Europe, we got amazing responses from our clients. It's amazing to see your enthusiasm and we're glad we were able to produce just what you liked!

Of course, we want to make these leathers available in all our planner models over time. So today, we're adding a few more models to their line-up!

Available as of now, Tuesday, january 9th, 1:30 PM CET:

- Slim Compagna in Undyed Epoca ànd in Epoca Royal Blue (you've been waiting for that one a while!)

- Giramondo (regular) in Croco Eye Blue, Red and Grey

We are especially in LOVE with the Slim Compagna in Undyed Epoca: the perfect lightweight companion that easily slides into your smaller bags, while still giving you the 'paper real estate' of a regular medium planner. Combined with the Undyed Epoca that will age beautifully as you use it, this model quickly become your most flexible and trusted planner!

Happy shopping!

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