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RELEASE + RESTOCK: Epoca Cloud + Croco Black / Epoca Cloud

12 June 2023
IG cloud croco black

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great weekend, are still all healthy and safe, and had time to catch our live earlier this morning! 

We announced the release of several beauties to be released & restocked in Epoca Cloud and in Croco Black / Epoca Cloud on Tuesday at 2PM CEST!

1) Epoca Cloud

  • 282/02 - Slim Apunto
  • 224/02 - Medium Compagna

2) Croco Black / Epoca Cloud

  • 282/02 - Slim Appunto
  • 283/02 - B6 Appunto
  • 224/02 - Medium Compagna

Happy shopping!

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