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RELEASE & RESTOCK: Rust & Sand Toscana

24 June 2024
IG rust and sand toscana

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great weekend, are enjoying the weather and are using your Gillios to plan some amazing stuff!

We hope you had time to catch our live earlier today?

We announced the release of Toscana Rust, Sand & bicolours in several models!

Release Toscana

T729 (Toscana Sand): 

  • 275/02 (regular Giramondo)

T773 (Toscana Rust): 

  • 275/02 (regular Giramondo)

T773/T729 (Toscana Rust/Toscana Sand) :

  • 224/02 (medium Compagna)
  • 284/02 (B6 Slim Appunto)
  • 275/02 (regular Giramondo)


Restock Toscana

T729 (Toscana Sand)

  • 223/15 (pocket Compagna XL)
  • 224/02 (medium Compagna)
  • 284/02 (B6 Slim Appunto)
  • 275/03 (deluxe Giramondo)

T773 (Toscana Rust)

  • 224/02 (medium Compagna)

As usual, the restock of this week will be live & available Tuesday at 2PM CEST!


Happy shopping!

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