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Restock & new releases: Slim Appuntos!

27 march 2018
Easter Slim Appunto release IG-1

We have finished unpacking and quality checking an entire shipment of Slim Appuntos (yes, we know you've been waiting for a while now!) and we're ready to 'release' them to you!

There are several colours that have been restocked and also a whole new range of shades that is being released - including one NEW COLOUR in a one-time limited production!

As always: if you signed up for notifications of a slim Compagna restock in any of the RESTOCKED colours, you were notified by email hours ago already!

Head over to our webshop and feist your eyes on the following beautiful colours!


  • 828 Epoca Royal Blue
  • 777 Epoca Orange
  • 827 Epoca Olive Green


  • 805 Epoca Purple
  • 820 Epoca Acid Green
  • 034 Ostrich Print Blue
  • 771 Epoca Yellow
  • 035 Ostrich Print Purple
  • 455 Croco Mat Brown
  • 463 Croco Mat Fuchsia
  • 036 Ostrich Print Pink
  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • NEW ----- 033 Ostrich Print Gold - one-time limited production

Happy shopping!

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