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RESTOCK: Giramondos (regular size)!

18 January 2018
  • Big Giramondo restock IG-1
Big Giramondo restock IG-1

Long awaited, and here they finally are: our beloved Giramondos in regular size!

As you know, the Giramondo (Italian for 'Globetrotter') is Gillio's 'TN' notebook cover for notebooks sized approximately 11*21 cm. It is designed to hold up to at least 6 notebooks (depending of their thickness, of course) and the elastics can easily be switched out if you prefer another style or colour. The riveted holes make switching them out or adding more elastics a very easy procedure.

We have restocked this popular item today in no less than 22 colours!

 (As always... Did you register your email address for any of these colours? Then you received a restock notification before we announced this - a few hours ago already!)

 The colours that have been restocked are:

  • Epoca dark brown
  • Epoca burgundy
  • Epoca pink
  • Croco Eye ('Shiny') Purple
  • Epoca grey
  • Epoca dark green
  • Epoca purple & cream
  • Epoca gold
  • Epoca olive green
  • Epoca aqua
  • Epoca yellow
  • Epoca royal blue
  • Croco brown (matte)
  • Epoca red
  • Epoca orange
  • Epoca rust
  • Epoca acid green
  • Croco black (matte)
  • Epoca black
  • Epoca dark brown & cream
  • Croco Eye grey
  • Croco Eye blue

Head over to our webshop and discover them all - and shop your favourite(s) before they sell out! It's been a long time since we restocked the Giramondos... and it could always be a while before the next restock will be. Don't miss out! 

==> As we already received a lot of orders from those who had been notified by email, please understand there might be a slightly larger delay than usual in the processing time of your order.

PS - if you can't wait to receive your new planner, why not opt for priority processing, handling and shipping with Gillio's BUZZ expedited shipping option?


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