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Restock: pocket Mia Caras & a little surprise!

30 May 2017
  • Collage pocket Mias
Collage pocket Mias

Today's restock is one for those who have been waiting -ever so patiently- for the restock of the POCKET MIA CARAS!

(And as always, those who signed up for email updates received their email already...)

We have restocked a large array of bi-colour combinations in the pocket Mia Cara (223/08):

  • Dark brown / cream (772/819)
  • Black / red (775/770)
  • Black / cream (775/819)
  • Black / orange (775/777)
  • Green / gold (778/774)
  • Purple / cream (805/819)
  • Burgundy / grey (776/804)
  • Green / cream (778/819)
  • Grey / pink (804/812)
  • Grey / orange (804/777)
  • Gold / green (774/778)

And on popular demand, we also restocked:

  • Gold (774)

As a little extra surprise, we also have a restock of one of the best selling models of this year:

the medium Compagna in black & red (224/02 775_770)!

As you might know, we look at the registrations for e-mail notifications to see which colours and which colour-combinations we have to produce. This selection was thus made on your demand! Please continue to register for e-mail updates on the items you are interested in buying so we have a good idea what to produce in the upcoming months!

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