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Restock: Pocket Mia Caras (Oops Edition - 15%)

28 May 2018
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Tomorrow (Tuesday May 29th) at 10AM CEST, we’ve got a one-of-a-kind Pocket Mia Cara restock for you… The first even Gillio Oops Edition.

As you know, all of our products are handmade, and as we’ve increased production over the last years, our artisans are continually sourcing, hiring and training new staff to work in the leather workshops. As we’ve come to discover with our latest shipment, human error is of course a “risk” present in all handmade production, but even more so when new members of staff are added to the production team.

Our latest batch of Pocket Mia Caras came in this month, and to our (slightly unpleasant) surprise, all came with the same production error. Can you spot it?

One of the new hires on the production team, responsible for the logo embossing, got confused with the model names and – you guessed it – embossed the entire batch of Mia Caras with the Amica logo. Not just one planner, not just one colour – all of them.

We’ve debated on what to do with these items…

  • having them repaired would take too long and would be visible (as we’d have to dismantle and re-assemble every planner to replace the logo part
  • rejecting the entire batch would mean an even longer wait for new Pocket Mia Cara stock – and you guys have already waited that long!
  • rejecting would also mean that all of this fine leather would go to waste, and as we’re very conscious about our ecological footprint, ‘throwing away’ this entire batch is a huge waste we’re not OK with!

So, we’ve decided to go forth as planned and sell them, be it as the first ever Gillio Oops Edition – with a -15% discount because of the mis-embossed logo. Hopefully these items will remain “unique” and “one of a kind” and we’ll never have a mistake like this happen again :)

However, it goes to show the thins that can happen when opting for a handmade, artisanal production instead of a massive industrial production line. Human error is more prone to happen in our line of business!

So, if you’re OK with this, dare we say, “exclusive” feature – then head over to our webshop tomorrow at 10AM CEST for the restock of the Pocket Mia Caras Oops Edition in the following colours:

  • 770 EPOCA RED
  • 773 EPOCA RUST
  • 774 EPOCA GOLD
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