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Restock & new colours: real ostrich Medium Compagnas!

13 July 2017
  • sfeerfoto nieuwe ostrich-1
sfeerfoto nieuwe ostrich-1

New arrivals at the Gillio offices this week: real ostrich Medium Compagnas!

We're starting off today with the restock of several of your favourite colours:

  • Ruby Red (050)
  • Sun (080)
  • Serpentine (082)
  • Antracite (083)
  • Cyprus (085)
  • Oryx (086)

Also restocked is:

  • Clemaris (089) - please note that this batch of Clemaris is a more vibrant, rich shade than before!

These items are now available in our webshop. As always - if you signed up for email notifications, you knew a few hours ago already!

Besides the restock of medium Compagnas in real ostrich, we also have some exciting new colours for you!

=== We will show the new colours on Facebook Live on our FB Page at 3 PM CEST! ===

Presenting 6 new lushious shades that will no doubt steal your heart:

Jeans (060)

Brilliant Green (061)

Turchese (062)

Iris Blue (063)

Rosa (064)

Campari (065)

After the FB Live, these items will be available in our webshop (approximately around 3:15 PM CEST)

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