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Restock: slim Compagnas!

12 December 2017
  • Slim release groepsfoto IG-1
Slim release groepsfoto IG-1

Another batch of slim Compagnas came in, and we finished our quality check and processed them just in time for a launch before the holidays!

As always: if you signed up for notifications of a slim Compagna restock in any of these colours, you were notified by email hours ago already!

The slim Compagna is the very popular “little brother” or “little sister” to our bestselling medium Compagna, being the perfect size for smaller handbags or just to lighten your daily load. It takes the same inserts (medium/personal size) AND it even has the full length back pocket like the medium Compagna does. A lot of ‘planner real estate’ in a compact size!

Restocked today are these colours:

  • Croco black mat (456)
  • Bicolour epoca black & orange (775/777)
  • Bicolour epoca black & red (775/770)
  • Epoca olive green (827)
  • Epoca gold (774)
  • Epoca red (770)
  • Epoca pink (812)
  • Epoca aqua (810)
  • Epoca purple (805)
  • Epoca acid green (820)

Be sure to grab yours before they sell out, they are flying out the door!

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