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Restock: Charcoal & Cream

08 February 2021
  • IG charcoal & cream
IG charcoal & cream

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

Did you catch our live earlier today?

We announced a restock of this special (limited production!) colour combination in 5 models!

This combination will be available in these new models, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2PM CET:

  • A5 Appunto
  • A6 Appunto
  • B6 Appunto
  • Slim Appunto
  • A6 Compagna

These two neutrals go extremely well together and will make the hearts of monochrome colour lovers sing!

For now, this is a one-off release of some new models in this combination, so we haven't planned any restocks in the future. Get yours while you can!

Happy shopping!

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