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NEW RELEASE: A5 Appunto Zip

14 June 2021
IG A5 zip groep

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a chance to follow along our very special live earlier today!

We are happy to introduce our newest planner model to you: the Appunto A5 Zip!

We created this new planner as the 'level up' of the immensely popular A5 Appunto.

On the inside, we kept the layout of the Appunto A5 as you all know and love it: card slots, full-length pockets, slip pockets, a zipped copartment, a pen loop, a full-length back pocket... A ton of places to store all of your essentials. But, we made the planner a bit wider to allow for more stuffing, larger/thicker notebooks or even sliding in your iPad Mini if you wanted to. The planner closes securely all the way around with a super smooth, light golden zipper and a leather pulltag. It's perfect for on-the-go, it's unisex, and it's a practical classic that will without a doubt become a staple in your planner collection!

These planners will be available as of Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at 2PM CET!

We really went all out for this release: the new planner will be available in 22 colours!

  • 828 epoca royal blue
  • 835 croco eye blue
  • 805 epoca purple
  • 833 croco eye purple
  • 469 croco matte blue
  • 834 croco eye red
  • 430 croco shiny lava red
  • 777 epoca orange
  • 460 croco matte red
  • 770 epoca red
  • 822 epoca yale blue
  • 804 epoca grey
  • 832 croco eye grey
  • 778 epoca green
  • 771 epoca yellow
  • 810 epoca aqua
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 773 epoca rust
  • 772 epoca dark brown
  • 821 epoca pistacchio
  • 824 epoca light blue
  • 453 croco matte rosewood

We also restocked the ballpoints:

  • 201 black mat
  • 202 black/orange
  • 203 gun metal
  • 204 gun metal patern
  • 209 orange mat
  • 213 red shiny
  • 217 dark blue mat
  • 218 white
  • 222 lila
  • 240 pink pearl gold parts NEW
  • 238 gold patern NEW
  • 281 black mat gold parts
  • 292 silver shiny patern
  • 239 pink pearl silver parts NEW

Happy shopping!

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