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Undyed medium Compagna & restock Mia Cara

08 June 2020
Mia Cara IG

Happy Monday Gillionaires!

Did you catch our live earlier today?

We announced two great restocks earlier today: medium Mia Caras in several colours AND undyed medium Compagnas! 

Available on Tuesday, June 9th at 2PM CEST: Medium Mia Caras in these stunning colours:

  • 819 cream
  • 774 gold
  • 777 orange
  • 804/777 grey/orange
  • 827 olive green
  • 770 red
  • 772/819 dark brown & cream
  • 776 burgundy
  • 810 aqua
  • 819/772 cream & dark brown NEW

Secondly, your beloved UNDYED MEDIUM COMPAGNA is back in stock!

And thirdly, we announced NEW pens available as of tomorrow!

  • red matte with silver hardware
  • red matte with gold hardware
  • pink shiny with gold hardware
  • white shiny with gold hardware

Happy shopping!

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