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RELEASE: Slim Appunto Zip

26 December 2022
IG slim zip

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great weekend, are still all healthy and safe, and had time to catch the last live of the year earlier this morning! It was REALLY special - and we know a lot of Gillionaires are going to be excited!

We announced the release of a new model in a whopping 16 colours: the SLIM APPUNTO ZIP!

After the great success of the A5, B6 and A6 Appunto Zip, it was about time we rolled out the model in Slim as well!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 2PM CET, we are releasing this brand new model in these colours:

  • 770 Epoca Red
  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 776 Epoca Burgundy
  • 777 Epoca Orange
  • 804 Epoca Grey
  • 810 Epoca Aqua
  • 812 Epoca Pink
  • 818 Epoca Peach
  • 826 Epoca Cloud
  • 453 Croco Matte Rosewood
  • 457 Croco Matte Aubergine
  • 451 Croco Matte Bubblegum
  • 467 Croco Matte Blush
  • 469 Croco matte Blue
  • 452-821 Croco Matte Charcoal & Epoca Pistaccio
  • 452-825 Croco Matte Charcoal & Epoca Lila

Happy Shopping!

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