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Slim Compagna Restock

04 November 2019
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Did you catch our live broadcast on Monday, November 4th?

We announced that on Wednesday, November 6th, we're releasing restocking Slim Compagnas - in regular stock and Premium Good Deals!

The Slim Compagna is the ‘slim brother’ of our Medium Compagna. Ideal if you like the medium paper size, but don’t need to carry a very large amount of inserts in your planner. Handmade from our finest natural leathers: in this organizer, alongside your appointments and notes, you can also store your credit cards, business cards, small change and other important belongings. In the large back pocket you can easily keep your bills or papers.

If you were waiting to buy a new Slim Compagna, here's your chance!

These beauties will be available:

Slim Compagna:

  • 775 Epoca Black
  • 804/777 Epoca Grey & Orange

Slim Compagna, Premium Good Deals:

  • 778 Epoca Green
  • 827 Epoca Olive
  • 828 Epoca Royal Blue
  • 775/.770 Epoca Black & Red
  • 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green
  • 778/819 Epoca Green & Cream
  • 461 Croco Matte Honey
  • 463 Croco Matte Fuchsia

These will be available for purchase on Wednesday, November 6th, at 2PM CET!

Happy shopping!

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