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The long awaited restock of the SLIM COMPAGNAS!

02 october 2017
  • Slim release groepsfoto IG-1
Slim release groepsfoto IG-1

Finally, after all your patience, they are back in stock: our fabulous, practical, must-have SLIM COMPAGNAS!

(As always... If you registered your email address, to be notified of a Slim Compagna restock in any of these colours, you knew a few hours ago already! Remember to register AGAIN if you missed out on a restock, so we can notify you next time again!)

The Slim Compagna is the ‘slim brother’ of our Medium Compagna. Ideal if you like the medium paper size, but don’t need to carry a very large amount of inserts in your planner. Handmade from our finest natural leathers: in this organizer, alongside your appointments and notes, you can also store your credit cards, business cards and other important belongings. In the large back pocket you can easily keep your bills or papers. The organizer comes with a free Gillio Classico ballpoint pen of your choice, worth € 70.

This elegant beauty has been restocked in four colours:

  • epoca red, ref. 770
  • epoca gold, ref. 774
  • epoca purple, ref. 805
  • epoca black+orange, ref. 775/777

These colours are available on our website, but be quick, we know they sell out fast!

Please note, we currently only have silver rings available for Slim Compagnas.

And don't forget to choose our new service BUZZ if you want your parcel shipped and processed at priority speed!

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