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UPDATE regarding shipping delays

Dear clients,

Following the terrorist attacks in Belgium of March 22nd, we are receiving numerous questions about parcels that were shipped around that date (before and after) not showing any movement on tracking. 

We were updated by bPost that cargo flights are operational again from the airport, but that there is a large backlog. All parcels are shipped by plane (even inside Europe) so everyone could be affected.  We understand this is an inconvenience for you, having to wait longer for your parcel. However, this is out of our control and we have no means to speed up the process nor can we find additional information for you.

BPost have asked us to stop calling for questions regarding parcels at the moment, because they are also overwhelmed and have no means to speed this up either. 

May we respectfully ask you for some extra patience regarding your parcel, at least for the next ten days? Our customer service is not able to give out any more information, and answering all of your questions by mail and chat is taking up unnecessary time, not allowing us to proceed with the processing of current orders. Thank you!

the Gillio team

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