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Website improvement: choose your ring colour!

03 october 2017
  • AZ/3117 GR
AZ/3117 GR

To optimise your shopping experience, we do our best to listen to the feedback of our customers and implement them wherever we can.

We're happy to present to you our latest website improvement: the option to choose your ring colour with a drop-down menu when you place an order!

When you're ordering a new organiser, you'll see a drop down menu to choose your preferred ring colour - just as you would choose your ballpoint pen colour! This menu is directly linked to our inventory, so if a certain colour is temporarily unavailable, you'll notice straight away. Allowing you to choose this (mandatory!) option during your order, removes the hassle of having to manually input your request in the remarks field, or to email us afterwards.

You also have the option to order a planner without rings, if you would like to do so. You then choose the opstion 'Ship my planner without rings".

We hope to accomodate you even more with these continuous improvements, and make your shopping experience a happy one!

Please note:

  • From now on, this selection tool is the only way to let us know your ring colour preference. As it is linked directly to inventory, no changes to ring colour will be allowed once chosen in the menu. If you do want to change anything to your order, you'll have to cancel it and re-order.
  • If you choose one ring colour with the drop-down menu, and ask for something else in the 'remarks' field, we'll only take the selected ringcolour in your order into account (not the added remark).
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