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3 restocks & a new release!

04 May 2020
  • Restock release May 5
Restock release May 5

Happy Monday, Gillionaires! (And... May the 4th be with you ;-p)

Did you catch our live video today?

We hope you are all doing well, staying safe and healthy. here in Belgium we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel: daycares reopenes today, businesses can start opening again as of today, shops can start reopening next week - all with sufficient protective measures of course. We hope this will be the beginning of slowly going back to normal!

This week, we have 3 restocks for you - plus a NEW release!

As usual, these four items will be available as of Tuesday, May 5th, at 2PM CEST!


- A6 Appunto in Grey & Pink Epoca (280/02 804-812)

- A5 Appunto in Black & Orange Epoca (281/02 775-777)

- A5 Appunto in Royal Blue Epoca (281/02 828)


- Giramondo (regular) in Pistacchio Epoca (275/02 821)

Happy shopping!

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