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Pocket Compagna XL in Aubergine!

08 July 2019
  • Pocket aubergine IG
Pocket aubergine IG

The super popular Croco Aubergine is completely sold out - BUT: we had a few hides left after PlannerCon!

The one thing that was missing in the Aubergine collection - and many customers asked for it - was a pocket size ring planner!

So today at 4PM CEST we're proud to release the POCKET COMPAGNA XL in Croco Aubergine!

This is the XL version of our bestselling Pocket Compagna, including all the same features and with some wonderful extras:

  • A leather flyleaf
  • 20 mm rings
  • A wider body to accomodate the larger rings

We will also release the PREMIUM GOOD DEALS of the Pocket Compagna XL in Aubergine at the same time, to give you as much possibility as we can to acquire one.

Happy shopping!

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