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02 December 2019
  • Xmas 15pct discount IG-1
Xmas 15pct discount IG-1


Did you catch our live earlier today?

We announced more holiday surprises for you this week - the week of Monday, December 2nd 2019!

First of all: you all loved our holiday discount so much - thank you for all your orders! - that we've decided to extend it for another week!


- 5% discount on EVERYTHING 
(5% EXTRA discount for Good Deals and Premium Good Deals!)

- 10% discount on 10 selected items:

  • Medium Compagna in Epoca Dark Brown
  • Medium Compagna in Croco Eye Purple
  • Pocket Compagna XL in Epoca Dark Brown & Cream
  • Mini Mia Cara in Croco Matte Rosewood
  • Mini Mia Cara in Epoca Anthracite
  • A6 Mia Cara in Croco Eye Red
  • A6 Mia Cara in Croco Eye Grey
  • A6 Mia Cara in Croco Eye Blue
  • A5 Compagna in Anthracite
  • A6 Appunto (PGDC) in Croco Shiny Lava Red

Secondly: we've added 5 items that will receive -15% discount!

  • 2-compartment briefcase in Aubergine Croco Matte
  • 3-compartment briefcase in Aubergine Croco Matte
  • Giramondo (regular) in Brown Croco
  • A5 Compagna Red Croco Matte
  • Medium Mia Cara in Black & Red Epoca

Happy? We hope so!

But, if that's not enough... there's more!

On Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 2PM CET we are restocking A5 Appuntos in 15 colours!


  • Red Epoca
  • Dark Brown Epoca
  • Rust Epoca
  • Gold Epoca
  • Burgundy Epoca
  • Anthracite Epoca
  • Grey Epoca
  • Purple Epoca
  • Pink Epoca
  • Olive Green Epoca
  • Grey & Pink Epoca
  • Charcoal Croco Matte
  • Red Croco Matte
  • Grey Croco Matte
  • Blue Croco Matte

Please note: on popular demand, the Charcoal Croco has been made smoother, and less rough to the touch. It is a wonderful matte dark grey - almost black - and will develop a lovely shine! This new version of the charcoal is only available in the A5 Appunto at this time. Other models will follow.

These promotions start on Tuesday, December 3rd at 2PM CET and will last until Monday, December 9th, 1PM CET - or until stock lasts!

The 5 and 10% discount is already active and will remain valid until Monday, December 9th 1PM CET - or until stock lasts.

Be sure to order yours on time to get it before Christmas - and use Buzz shipping to be extra sure!

If you are in the EU: order before December 10th.

If you are outside of the EU, we advise you to opt for BUZZ to ensure timely delivery!

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