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Ho-ho-holiday promotions, releases and stock updates!

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All I want

The holiday-spirit has arrived here in Belgium and we’re ready to shower you with promotions, stock updates and new articles to end 2015 with a Gillio-blast!

What have we got in store for you? Oh, where to begin!

-      A5’s in funky colours!

-      New stunning handbags!

-      Limited production medium Compagnas!

-      Irresistible holiday discounts!

 Grab yourself a cup of tea and have a read, there’s bound to be something in here for you!

 IMPORTANT: want to get your Gillio presents in time for Christmas? Order before December 1st (outside of the EU) or December 10th (EU). Gillio cannot be held responsible for late delivery because of postal delays, customs checks or other unforeseeable delays outside of our control.


1.            Massive A5 restock in funky colours!

Our customer service has been stalked with questions for A5s in the new colours, so we’re happy to announce that the A5 Mia Cara (238/08) has been produced in our bright & pastel epoca leathers, plus in some stunning bi-coloured combinations! Also, A5 Compagna (238/02) has been released in 4 new colours and combinations. Just in time to start your planning for 2016 in a beautiful planner with a gorgeous pop of colour in these darker winter days.

Awaiting adoption are these gorgeous creatures:

NEW: A5 Compagna in:

  • 463 (croco fuchsia)
  • 812 (pink)
  • 773 (rust)
  • 772/774 (dark brown & gold)

NEW: A5 Mia Cara in:

  • 810 (aqua)
  • 812 (pink)
  • 773 (rust)
  • 812/823 (pink & lotus)
  • 774/778 (gold & green)
  • 804/812 (grey & pink)
  • 805/825 (purple & lila)
  • 820 (acid green)
  • 825/805 (lila & purple)
  • 825 (lila)
  • 824 (light blue)
  • 823 (lotus)
  • 823/812 (lotus & pink)

STOCK UPDATE: A5 Mia Cara in:

  • 772 (dark brown)
  • 770 (red)
  • 805 (purple)
  • 772/819 (dark brown/cream)
  • 778 (green)


2.            Handbags galore!

Gillio is not only about planners, but we have an amazing handbag collection as well! How about treating yourself to a stunning epoca leather handbag (or putting it on the wishlist!) - we’ve made sure we have different models and styles in stock for you to choose from.

NEW: the Gillio Chrissie bag!

This new model (ref. 3561) was shown in prototype at the 2015 Gillio Meet-Up, and immediately adopted and cherished by our German customer & administrator of the Gillio FB fan group Christina McGann. After tweaking and perfecting the design, we are proud to release the Chrissie bag: stylish, extremely practical with lots of space & pockets and versatile because of the side locks. Discover it on our website or check out Christina’s YouTube video!

Stock update: the Gillio Tote Bag & Little Tote!

Our carry-all, versatile shopper, the Tote, announces its glorious return in different colours. The large Tote (ref. LA/1270) is indispensable as work/laptop bag, shopping bag or travel companion. The one-compartment style accommodates anything you need to take and allows you to even use it as a diaper-bag! Is the large one too big for your needs, then you’ll love our little tote (ref. LA/1271): perfect to carry a wallet, organiser, cosmetics pouch, phone and tablet. The full width zipper allows for easy access to your belongings whenever you need them.

Stock update & new colours: the Gillio City Bag!

The little City Bag (ref. 3738) has become the favourite bag of many of our customers: small enough to hold your essentials and to wear under your coat when traveling, or to store away in a larger bag when traveling. Have a look at the product page on our site to discover the different colours and colour combinations!

3.            Limited production Medium Compagnas!

Just for the holiday season, we have some exquisite limited production Medium Compagnas for you. Get them while you can, because not many of these collector’s-items-to-be were produced! 

Ostrich-print leather

Discover our limited collection of ostrich-printed leathers (very firm and durable!) in the bestselling Medium Compagna, in 4 beautiful colours:

  • 035 Ostrich Purple
  • 034 Ostrich Blue
  • 042 Ostrich Red
  • 033 Ostrich Gold

Saffiano leather - one time production only!

The Medium Compagnas in our limited Saffiano leather, a soft calf leather with a unique linear print, are available in these colours:

  • 917 Saffiano Portland
  • 914 Saffiano Coffee
  • 919 Saffiano Sapphire
  • 916 Saffiano French Puce


4.            Holiday discounts!


See anything you like? Well, don’t hesitate, because you can use our holiday discount codes to get them all at an even more affordable price. Free shipping, a discount or a store credit? You choose which promotion fits you best!

When ordering, use one of these discount codes:

-      RUDOLPH for free shipping to anywhere in the world OR

-      SANTA for 10% immediate discount OR

-      XMASTREE for 20% "cashback" in store credit on 01.01.2016


Please note:

-      these discount codes are valid from Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 5 PM CET, until Thursday, December 10th 2015, 11:59 PM CET;

-      you can only use one discount code per order; your order will immediately be cancelled and refunded if you use more than one code;

-      the promotion is only valid on new orders;

-      the discount codes are only valid on in-stock items, not on pre-orders;

-      if you choose the 20% store credit, the voucher code will be emailed to you before January 1st and can be used between January 1st 2016 and March 31st 2016 CET.

-      if you cancel a previous order to re-order with this promotion, please note that your order goes back to the end of the queue and the item reserved for you goes back in stock; we cannot guarantee that it will still be available for you when your new order is processed;

-      IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out all the fields of your order correctly, and use the correct discount code. We cannot make any changes to incoming orders. A request to add a discount code afterwards, change an address or phonenumber or add a different pen for example, will result in cancellation and refund of your order so you can re-enter it.

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