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Pocket Compagna restock & new releases!

09 october 2018
  • 223 14 Mella 3
223 14 Mella 3

Lovers of pocket Compagnas: today's restock and release is just for you!

You asked, we listened: the pocket Compagnas are back in stock, in no less than TEN RESTOCKED COLOURS and THREE NEW RELEASES!

(As always... if you registered your email address for any of the restocked colours, you knew first as you received a notification via email!)

Head over to our webshop to get your own pocket Compagna in the following colours:


  • Epoca Yellow 771
  • Epoca Dark Brown 772
  • Epoca Gold 774
  • Epoca Burgundy 776
  • Epoca Royal Blue 828
  • Croco Brown matte 455
  • Croco Black matte 456
  • Croco Eye Grey 832
  • Croco Eye Red 834
  • Croco Eye Blue 835

New releases:

  • Epoca Royal Blue & Gold 828/774
  • Epoca Yellow & Dark Brown 771/772
  • Epoca Dark Brown & Yellow 772/771

Happy shopping and happy planning!

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