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RESTOCK: Medium Compagna XL

06 September 2021

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

We hope you had a great week, are still all healthy and safe, and are ready for a wonderful new week full of restocks and surprises! We sure are ;-)

Did you have time to catch our live earlier today?

We anounced the restock AND release of the MEDIUM COMPAGNA XL!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 2PM CEST, we are restocking/releasing our beautiful Medium Compagna XL in these colours

825 epoca lila
771 epoca yellow
774 epoca gold
836 croco eye black NEW
773 epoca rust
777 epoca orange
833 croco eye purple NEW
832 croco eye grey NEW
824 epoca light blue
834 croco eye red NEW
823 epoca lotus
775 epoca black
835 croco eye blue NEW
772 epoca dark brown

Happy shopping!

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