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The moment you've ALL been waiting for!

  • 20160628 Major stock update
20160628 Major stock update

People of Gillio!

Thy prayers be answereth! 
Salvation is upon thee! 
Gather, and rejoice!


And now for a more serious note ;-D

There's a BIG release coming up tomorrow.

Big, like big-big. Like 'set your alarm clock because you don't want to miss out' - big.

We cannot disclose the exact contents yet, because the goods have only arrived today, and quality inspections and acceptance checks still need to take place. 

And ... NO - no Gold leather (ref. 774) yet. We had to send back an entire batch of Gold leather as it did not pass our strict quality requirements - hence the absence of Gold items recently. It's very important for Gillio to continue to sell only top quality products: the best workmanship, the finest details and the best leathers available on the market. Our quality control is very strict and when a batch of leather does not meet our (and your!) expectations, we refuse it entirely. But - do not worry - a new batch of Gold leather is ready and has been 100% approved, but production is still working on our orders. 

But - there will be some very exciting new items tomorrow - and let's just say a LOT of naked notebooks will be covered up after this next release!

So plan ahead, clear your schedule, stock your house with food and drinks and get comfortable: it might just be the release you've all been waiting for!

TOMORROW - Wednesday, June 29th - 2 PM CET

(And if you don't know what CET is... Paris/Brussels time...) See here for what time it is right now:

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