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CRAZY WEEKS at Gillio!

14 January 2019
IG MoseForte

Gillio is going a liiiiiiiiiittle crazy in January!

These last weeks of January, we are going to make space in our warehouse for ALL THE NEW THINGS we have in store for you in 2019 and that will start arriving over the next couple of months. To do so, we are starting with a first, never seen before promotion:


During our live broadcast we took a first spin at our new Wheel of Fortune for the discount percentage on all Mia Caras.

The Wheel decided: all Mias will be discounted -20% for 48 hours, from Tuesday, January 15th 2PM CET until Thursday, January 17th, 2 PM CET!

This discount is valid on ALL sizes Mia Cara. Grab yours before the discount runs out!

But wait, there's more...

After the move to our new offices, we had to empty out the basement in the old office, and we found a lot of little items that we can't/won't really sell anymore but are still part of our company's heritage. So in addition to the Mia Cara discount, we are giving away these gems (notebooks, address books and other things) at random with every order of minimum 250€ (one present per order number that is eligible). 

Use promotion code CRAZY to receive a surprise item added to your order of minimum 250€, for 48 hours (from Tuesday, January 15th 2PM CET until Thursday, January 17th, 11.59 PM CET).

Thank you for shopping & tune in next week for more crazy deals! 


Please note:

- these discount and promotions are valid from Tuesday, January 15th 2PM CET until Thursday, January 17th, 2 PM CET

- the promotion is only valid on new orders; only one present per eligible order number will be sent.

- the promotion is only valid on new orders placed on for end-consumers

- not valid in our retail stores

- not valid for our dealers;

- the discount codes are only valid on in-stock items, not on pre-orders

- the free item you can receive is worth 61,89€ (excl. VAT) and 75€ (incl. VAT). there is no warranty on the free gift.

- if you cancel or (partially) send back your order, you are obliged to send back the free item as well (unused) or pay its value.

- if you cancel a previous order to re-order with this promotion, please note that your order goes back to the end of the queue and the item reserved for you goes back in stock; we cannot guarantee that it will still be available for you when your new order is processed;

- to minimize the chance that your parcel will be charged by additional customs costs (and delays), we strongly recommend to stay under an amount of €1000 for each order;

- IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out all the fields of your order correctly, and use the correct discount code. We cannot make any changes to incoming orders. A request to add a discount code afterwards, change an address or phonenumber or add a different pen for example, will result in cancellation and refund of your order so you can re-enter it.

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