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14 November 2017
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Gillio products - be it planners, wallets, bags or accessories - have been sold in almost 50 countries around the world. Since 2013, our brand has seen a tremendous growth internationally, and thanks to social media we are able to peek into the lives of our customers and see how they use their Gillio products and make creative adaptations to them to suit their needs.

Especially in the planner community, we've been inspired so many times by our customers, who have shown us the path to new design ideas, new leather colours and even new planner sizes, that we hadn't heard of before they told us!

Besides our Facebook Page, where we as a company share our news with you, there is also a large user group in Facebook Groups that is dedicated to sharing the love for and use of Gillio products. The group is managed by four Gillio customers, who help stear new clients in the right direction, and they are supported by thousands of customers who share their favourite Gillio products, hacks and ideas. Recently, that group surpassed the 10000 member mark.

The group is a vault of information, pictures and videos shared by the members over the course of the last four years. It's an incredible inspiration to us at the Gillio offices, and we want to take a moment to thank the admins and members for being so open and sharing - it is a joy to visit the group and see how our products come to life.

If you are new to Gillio, and on Facebook: be sure to stap by the Gillio Firenze Facebook Group. The members can help you with information and tips if you are planning your first purchase, or want to see examples of different models in use... We hope the group will remain the wonderful place that it is, for many more years to come!

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