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Gillio is compatible with other brands!

Our rings are compatible with various other brands refills. However, we recommend the Gillio refills for their excellent value for money.

To make your choice as easy as possible, we have listed the refills of other brands compatible with our ringsystems.

Size Mini (our organizer "229")
Filiofax "Mini"
Oberthur "10"

Pocket Size (our organizer "223")
Filofax "Pocket"
Succes "Junior"
Exatime "14"
Brepols "Brefax 21 & 27"

Medium size (our organizer "224")
Filofax "Personal"
Exatime "17"
Brepols "Brefax 11 & 17"

A5 size (our organizer "238")
Filofax "A5"
Succes "Office"

A4 size (our organizer "233")
Exatime "29"

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