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LIMITED EDITION: Savage Croco "Freddies"!

25 october 2019
  • Halloween freddy IG 2
Halloween freddy IG 2

Happy Halloween, Gillionaires!

As a spooky surprise, we decided to bring back the infamous Savage Croco 'Freddies', the monstrous planners with a unique print that have not been in stock since the first Gillio Meet-Up in 2013!

This limited edition (until stock lasts!) consists of Medium Compagnas in 6 scary colours:

  • Savage Croco Forest (5221)
  • Savage Croco Moss (5226)
  • Savage Croco Earth (5224)
  • Savage Croco Lagoon (5223)
  • Savage Croco Volcano (5225)
  • Savage Croco Sahara (5222)

Each planner is cut from a different part of the leather, so each outside and inside is unique! 

Even though the leather is coloured through-and-through, we've worked with the tannery to create a special finish so the leather has an almost vintage, distressed look. The paler parts may patina a bit into even paler over time!



This limited edition collection will be on sale on Monday, October 28th 2019 at 2PM CET and retail for 350€ including VAT (289,26 without VAT).

Happy Halloween-shopping!

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