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Important announcements for the end of the year!

20 December 2016
  • Silver mat pattern sfeer-1
Silver mat pattern sfeer-1

As we're approaching the end of the year, our team is working hard to get all of your packages shipped before the new year.

Here are some important announcements about the end of the year and what will change in the beginning of 2017!

1. Classico ballpoint pens have been restocked!

We have received new stock of a wide range of ballpoint pen colours. When ordering an organiser with a free Classico ballpoint pen, you'll be able to select the one you'd like to receive:

  • Black (shiny or mat, with silver parts or pink gold parts)
  • Black / orange
  • Gun Metal (shiny or with pattern)
  • Silver (shiny)
  • Orange (shiny or mat)
  • Pink (shiny)
  • Blue (shiny)
  • Red (shiny)
  • Purple (shiny)
  • Dark Blue (shiny)
  • White (shiny)
  • NEW: Silver mat with pattern!

2. Offices are closed on the 2nd and 3rd of January

The Gillio offices will NOT close between Christmas and New Year to ensure the shipping and handling of your orders.

However, our offices will be closed on Monday, January 2nd and Tuesday, January 3rd. There will be no customer service available, and no parcels will be shipped on those days. The webshop stays open!

3. In January, there will be a price increase of 3.5%

We announced this earlier in 2016: for the first time in 2 years, we will adjust our prices in accordance with the increase in both labour costs and supply costs. This will happen in the month of January - the precise date will be communicated later.

But - as we try to follow our customers where we can - we did a very successful Facebook poll with our customers, asking them to choose between several options. Because of the results of that poll, we decided to remove the free inserts that come with our organisers, but NOT increase the prices on all organisers that normally come with free inserts. 

So for example our ringbound organisers WILL NOT increase in price: you will receive them with a free Classico ballpoint pen of your choice, but without any inserts. (You can still buy the inserts seperately if you wish).

Covers that normally don't come with inserts (Giramondo, Appunto, ...) WILL increase in price.

These are the final weeks you can still buy Gillio-items at the current prices, so take advantage of this before we increase the prices.


The entire Gillio team wishes you a warm, festive, safe

and memorable holiday season - we look forward to

surprising you with lots of new releases in 2017!


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