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Mini Mia Cara: restock & new colours!

14 march 2019
Mini Mia IG RL

The cutest planner in our collection is back!

Our Mini Mia Cara is the perfect satellite planner! This mini version of our luxurious Mia Cara planner is the ideal combination of planner and wallet. With room for credit cards, cash and coins, and a removable organiser part (compatible with Filofax Mini inserts), and a pen, you have everything you need with you, even when you are carrying a small purse. 

We have restocked:

  • 777 Epoca Orange
  • 452 Croco Matte Charcoal
  • 829 Epoca Undyed
  • 780 Epoca Anthracite
  • 770 Epoca Red

We have released:

  • 455 Croco Matte Brown
  • 430 Shiny Croco Lava Red
  • 461 Croco Matte Honey
  • 460 Croco Matte Red
  • 463 Croco Matte Fuchsia

Shop now before these beauties are all sold out!

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