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New holiday special: Medium Compagnas in real Ostrich leather

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ostrich group shot

Looking for an extra special Christmas present for the upcoming holidays? We’ve just received a very special shipment at Gillio: our artisan has made us a new collection of real Ostrich leather Medium Compagnas!

Last week, we’ve already released a collection of Ostrich printed leather. If you are looking for a unique present or a timeless keepsake for yourself, real Ostrich is the top of the bill: luxurious, soft, with a wonderful smell and irresistible to the touch.

An extra added value is the leather pulltag we've added on this batch - also on popular request from our customers!

These high-end & limited production binders are the ultimate addition to your planner collection. They are available in following colours:

  • 085 Real Ostrich Cyprus
  • 081 Real Ostrich Chestnut
  • 083 Real Ostrich Antracite
  • 050 Real Ostrich Flame Ruby Red
  • 082 Real Ostrich Serpentine
  • 059 Real Ostrich Tangerine
  • 080 Real Ostrich Sun
  • 084 Real Ostrich Corallo
  • 086 Real Ostrich Oryx

A real Ostrich leather Medium Compagna is available for €825 (€681,82 for non-EU buyers, excl. VAT).

Remember you can still use the Christmas promotion codes, so now’s the time to buy one!

Use RUDOLPH for free shipping, SANTA for 10% discount or XMASTREE for 20% (!) ‘cashback’ in storecredit. See this page for all information regarding the promotion. 

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