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PASTEL CROCO: 24 new planners!

17 September 2019
IG pastel croco

For as long as we can remember, our customers have asked - dare we say 'begged' - us for more pastel colours in our collection. In the last few months of 2019, we're making those dreams come true: we're releasing pastel colours in croco (now, in September) and epoca (later in 2019)!

On Wednesday, September 18th, at 2PM CEST the pastel croco planners will be available in our webshop. We have no less than 24 different planners for you to choose from: 8 models in 3 colours.

The new pastel croco matte colours are:




These beautiful colours have been created on popular demand, in the same leather as our most popular one: the croco Aubergine. Same feel, same finish, same smooth soft durability. A beautiful addition to your planner collection!

These 3 amazing new colours are available in:

  • A6 Appunto
  • A5 Appunto
  • B6 Appunto
  • Slim APpunto
  • Pocket XL Compagna
  • A6 Compagna
  • Medium Compagna
  • Personal Wide Compagna

As we are expecting a large amount of orders, don't forget to opt for BUZZ PRIORITY SHIPPING AND HANDLING to jump to the front of the line, get priority processing and fast DHL shipping!

If you're ordering anything besides pastel crocos, please do so before the release to avoid the longer wait during releases!

Happy shopping!

Want to compare? Here are some colour comparisons!

Oh, PS: during the live, we also announced 2 new A5 Compagnas that will be released on Tuesday, September 17th at 2PM CEST:

- A5 Compagna Epoca Red

- A5 Compagna Epoca Green & Red

If you're an A5 lover, don't forget to check those out as well!

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