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Pocket Compagna restock!

03 February 2020
  • IG pocket compagna
IG pocket compagna

Very happy Monday, Gillionaires!

Did you see our live earlier today? What a week it's going to be!

We announced a Pocket Compagna Restock on Wednesday, February 5th at 2PM CET, in these amazing colours:

  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • 810 Epoca Aqua
  • 778/819 Epoca Green & Cream
  • 460 Croco Matte Red
  • 469 Croco Matte Blue
  • 772/819 Epoca Dark Brown & Cream
  • 775/770 Epoca Black & Red
  • 805/819 Epoca Purple & Cream
  • 778 Epoca Green

Happy shopping!

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