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Pocket & medium Mia Cara restock

06 April 2020
  • Medium Mia IG
Medium Mia IG

Happy Monday, Gillionaires!

How are you all holding up? Staying strong, healthy, and happy we hope. Here in Belgium were are definitely seeing a 'flattening of the curve' because of the lockdown and our hospitals are still capable of handling the influx of new patients. So please stay safe and stay home!

Today, during our live, we announced the restock of several pocket and medium Mia Caras - including LOTUS!

The reactions were amazing, thank you for that! 

So: tomorrow, on Tuesday, April 7th at 2PM CEST, we are restocking these beautiful planners:

Medium Mia Cara (224/08) in:

- Lila Epoca (825)

- Light Blue Epoca (824)

- Lotus Epoca (823)

Pocket Mia Cara (223/08) in:

- Green & Gold Epoca (778/774)

- Red Epoca (770)

- Yale Blue Epoca (822)

- Gold Epoca (774)

- Yellow Epoca (771)

- Lotus Epoca (823)

We hope you'll enjoy these new beauties (we're sure the pastel ones will sell out quickly!) and again thank you for your continued orders, we really appreciate your support in a time like this - you are all helping us keep our business alive!

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