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Pre-ordering at PlannerCon: the details

07 march 2017
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Only a couple of days left before we get to meet all of you at PlannerCon in San Francisco!

To make sure that the pre-ordering of our novelties runs smoothly, we've gathered up some information, rules and conditions for you so we can make as many people happy with the releases as we can!

  • Our new products are released in San Francisco on Saturday, at 2 PM local time.
  • PlannerCon attendees have the opportunity to purchase these novelties BEFORE they are made available online, by pre-ordering on our booth.
  • Only ONE purchase of an item of each released model is allowed per person, to give everyone a fair chance to buy. 
  • You can only make a pre-order at the booth once - so choose wisely (you can't add to it later on during PlannerCon if you change your mind)
  • You can only place a pre-order for novelties at the booth (all regular orders must go through the website)
  • Our staff will take your order at our booth, and you pay us with Paypal when we've completed your order form.
  • There is a standard shipping fee per order, unless your total order is more than 450€.
  • Make sure your Paypal app is installed on your phone. Only once we have confirmation of your payment, your order is confirmed.
  • Your order is final - no changes can be made to it afterwards (besides cancelling it entirely).
  • Combining with an existing order or a future order is not possible
  • Gillio will include an extra surprise in your parcel when it is shipped!
  • Gillio begins processing and shipping the pre-orders around the beginning of April
  • The remaining stock will be made available in our webshop - the date will be released after PlannerCon, as soon as possible 

We are looking forward to meeting you at PlannerCon and we hope you'll like the new items we have created!

(We will update our Facebook-page while we are at PlannerCon, so follow us there for the latest scoops!)

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