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RESTOCK & RELEASE: Slim Compagnas!

05 march 2019
  • Slim release sfeer HP-1
Slim release sfeer HP-1

Slim lovers, rejoice! Today we are flooding the webshop with a huge restock ànd new colours of our bestselling Slim Compagna!

As always... if you signed up for email notifications for Slim Compagnas in any of the restocked colours, you received an email notification first!

The Slim Compagna is the ‘slim brother’ of our Medium Compagna (224/02). Ideal if you like the medium paper size, but don’t need to carry a very large amount of inserts in your planner. Handmade from our finest natural leathers: in this organizer, alongside your appointments and notes, you can also store your credit cards, business cards, small change and other important belongings. In the large back pocket you can easily keep your bills or papers.

We restocked the following 17(!) colours:

  • 460 Croco Matte Red
  • 461 Croco Matte Honey
  • 772 Epoca Dark Brown
  • 777 Epoca Orange
  • 775 Epoca Black
  • 455 Croco Matte Brown
  • 465 Croco Matte Grey
  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • 774 Epoca Gold
  • 778 Epoca Green
  • 778/770 Epoca Green & Red
  • 833 Croco Eye Purple
  • 810 Epoca Aqua
  • 778/819 Epoca Green & Cream
  • 805 Epoca Purple
  • 770 Epoca Red
  • 772/819 Epoca Dark Brown & Cream

We added 8 new colours:

  • 804/812 Epoca Grey & Pink
  • 452 Croco Matte Charcoal
  • 469 Croco Matte Blue
  • 463 Croco Matte Fuchsia
  • 453 Croco Matte Rosewood
  • 780 Epoca Anthracite
  • 805/819 Epoca Purple & Cream
  • 430 Croco Shiny Red Lava

Please note: they are ONLY available with SILVER RINGS!

Get yours before they sell out - happy shopping!

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