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A5 Compagna restock & new releases!

20 November 2018
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Go big or go home!

Lovers of A5 ring planners will love today's release: A5 Compagnas. 

This large, luxurious, complete organizer will be your companion through your planning and organization. Handmade from our finest natural leathers: in this organizer, alongside your appointments and notes, you can also store your credit cards, business cards, small change and other important belongings. In the large back pocket you can easily keep your bills or papers, while the leather flyleaf gives it an exclusive look. 

The planner has been restocked this morning (as always, if you had signed up for the restock notifications you received the email this morning already!) and we are also releasing some new colours and colour combinations!


  • 771 Epoca Yellow
  • 773 Epoca Rust
  • 822 Epoca Yale Blue
  • 772/774 Epoca Dark Brown & Gold
  • 775/770 Epoca Black & Red


  • 832 Croco Eye Grey
  • 834 Croco Eye Red
  • 835 Croco Eye Blue
  • 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green
  • 828/774 Epoca Royal Blue & Gold

Be sure to order yours on time to get it before Christmas - and use Buzz shipping to be extra sure!

If you are in the EU: order before December 10th - if you are outside of the EU, order before December 1st!

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