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Visit Gillio at PlannerCon Europe!

01 August 2017
  • Programma PCE
Programma PCE

UPDATE: PLANNING NEXT FEW DAYS === October 26th, 2017

As Gillio is a Diamond sponsor at this international event, we will use all our resources to make it a huge success, both for the attending crowd and also for the people watching at home! This means we have a slight change in our planning for the next few days:

On Friday, October 27th, the office will be closed as we will be building up our smashing 25 square meter booth at PCE!

On Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th we will all be at PCE with our entire team, and of course host our Grand Reveal at 1PM CEST on Saturday! (Look out: from Saturday to Sunday, we go back from CEST to CET! this means we get an extra hour of sleep as 3AM will become 2AM again.)

During the week of October 30th, our offices will be open but our staff will enjoy some extra days off to compensate for a very busy weekend! We ask for your understanding if our processing times are a bit slower than usual.

Also, November 1st is a public holiday and our offices will be closed.

Be sure to follow our FB and IG during PlannerCon Europe and watch the live stream of the new reveals on Facebook!

UPDATE: THE PROGRAM! === October 10th, 2017

We are very excited to announce what you can expect from Gillio during PlannerCon Europe!

1. First up - the most important thing: the BIG REVEAL of our new collection!

Saturday at 1 PM, at the Gillio pop-up shop, we will be revealing several new items. Will it be new colours? New leathers? New models? You'll know if you come join us! (For those not attending, it will be live streamed on our Facebook page!)

PCE attendees have first pick: they can purchase the new collection immediately at PlannerCon Europe and take them home the same day. No shipping fees :)

If you are traveling outside the EU after PCE, we've got you covered as well: we will have Global Refund papers with us so you can claim your VAT back at the airport.

2. You'll notice your swag bag does not have a Gillio present in it. Oh no! Did we forget? Of course not, but if you look closely, you'll discover a coupon in there for your swag item. We have several colours to choose from! So be sure to pop by our booth quickly to exchange your coupon for your gift, so you will have plenty of choice colour-wise!

3. Other reasons to visit the Gillio booth: our Photo Competition!

Just like at PlannerCon USA, you can have your picture taken with your favourite Gillio - one you bring yourself, or one from our collection. The pictures will be uploaded to a photo album on our Facebook Page after PlannerCon, and the picture that receives the most 'likes' wins a spectacular prize: a red medium Ostrich Compagna, worth 825€!

Be sure to pop by for your chance to win this unique prize!

4. Also at the Gillio booth: shop our current available collection! Have you always wondered if the medium Compagna would suit you better than the medium Mia Cara? Have you never seen a Gillio in real life and do you want to come by and discover what all the fuss is about? Do you have your mind set on buying your first pocket-size Gillio but can't wait for shipping, and want to take it home right away? Come to our booth, discover our current available collection and shop away! We accept cash (please try to pay with the exact amount of euros as we don't have a lot of change in our booth), debit- and credit cards, and PayPal.

Hint: it is impossible for us to move our entire warehouse to PCE. If you have something specific you would like to see, please email your 'top 5' before October 23rd and he'll make sure that, within availability, the planners, bags and/or accessories are waiting for you to look at in the booth!

5. We will also have a selection of Good Deals in our booth. These are items that are either show room models, or items that didn't pass our very strict quality control because of minor issues with the leather, but that are perfectly fine to use and also covered by our lifetime warranty. These items have minor discolourations on the leather, small blemishes from production, or other tiny defects. Of course, these are sold with an attractive discount! You can discover the selection at our booth.

6. Do you have a question or suggestion for the Gillio team? Do you just want to come and say hi or discuss your next genius design idea with us? Do you need your rings changed but are afraid to do so without a live demonstration first? Come to our booth to meet the team, and we'll gladly help you on your way and discuss your thoughts!

7. Finally: don't forget these interesting moments in the PCE program:

- Theresa Hall, Judith Lang and Steve Morton are our top picks for the speaker sessions! Each of them has Gillios in his or her collection and can tell you first hand about their experiences.

- During the PCE Raffle, Sunday at 10 AM, you can win some very interesting prizes - Gillio has also donated some not-to-miss prizes worth hundreds of euros! Be sure to come on time because you can only win if you're there :)

Still looking to buy a ticket? Use our discount code PCEGILLIO for 15% off the ticket price!

We are counting down the days and are super excited to be seeing so many ('old' and new) faces again! See you at PlannerCon Europe!


UPDATE === September 11th, 2017

Gillio is one of the main sponsors of PlannerCon in Europe this October, where hundreds of planner-enthusiasts will have an unforgettable weekend of speeches and demonstrations, #plannerfriends and of course SHOPPING.

Of course, we also have planned several (!) exciting new reveals for the attendees there. On Saturday we will have a Big Reveal where the newest models, colours and leathers will be presented to you - and are immediately available to buy and take home!

During PlannerCon Europe, the whole team will be there to answer all of your questions. Are you still debating whether a Mia Cara or a Compagna is the best choice for you? Do you want to see Rust, Orange and Gold side by side before you make your decision on what to buy? Do you want to change your rings to gold-coloured ones, but are afraid to try? Our team will gladly assist you with all of this.

At our infamous photowall, we will hold a new picture competition where you can win one or more FREE Gillios!

During the live sessions in the Speaker Hall, you can also visit speeches and workshops from 'our own' Theresa Hall, Judith Lang and Steve Morton! A schedule will be available closer to date.

Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and check our website regularly so you discover more details about when this all is happening.

Are you still planning to buy a ticket? Use our special discount code PCEGILLIO for 15% off your entrance ticket!

But wait - you could also WIN an entrance ticket to PlannerCon Europe. On our Facebook Page, we will host a competition later today, where some lucky Gillionaires can win an entrance ticket for the two-day weekend in October. Stay tuned!


After the amazing experiences our team had at PlannerCon in San Francisco, we're very happy to announce that Gillio has decided to be one of the main sponsors for PlannerCon Europe here in Brussels, Belgium!

On 28 and 29 October, plannerfans from all over the world will unite at the SQUARE event center in the heart of Brussels, to enjoy two days of planning, shopping, workshops and speakers, both national and international.

Among the speakers on this event are our customer Theresa Hall, who helped us create the Appunto range, and of course Steve 'Mr Philofaxy' Morton who has thouroughly reviewed our products on his planner-famous blog Philofaxy.

At the Gillio booth - a massive 24 square meters big - you'll be able to see the different leather colours, discover the current collection, touch and sniff all of our wonderful Tuscan leathers and ask the questions you've always wanted to ask to our staff! The Gillio artisans will make sure there's plenty to choose from, in a wide range of colours. Get ready to shop to your heart's desire at our booth - you can take the products home with you immediately!

Be sure to check out this page & our Facebook page frequently for more updates on what to expect from GIllio at PlannerCon Europe!

Want to join us at PlannerCon Europe? Tickets are still available at!

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